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We Help People Understand the Bible & Follow Jesus

Life can be confusing, frustrating and down right difficult. This applies to all people throughout all generations. We believe God has provided answers to life's small and great questions through the Bible. That's why we help people understand the Bible and lead them to God's greatest gift, Jesus.

Get Trained To Teach is all about training teachers and equipping leaders. We want to give you tools and encouragement no matter where you find yourself on this journey of teaching. Ready? Let's GetTrainedToTeach.

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We are a part of Proclaim Ministries and our goal is to help people understand the gospel. We have all found practical resources to be a powerful catalyst for growth in our own lives and are passionate about providing those same types of resources to others.

About Mister Brown

Mister Brown has over 20 years of experience communicating with audiences of all ages and in diverse contexts. He is our primary online trainer and also provides training and support through live events.